Dan and Amanda are two American citizens, now living in Seoul, South Korea. They both grew up in rural Minnesota, and raised their two sons there for 12 years. After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, they felt compelled to create an online archive of articles that fit under one or more categories:

  • Highlighting positive actions people are taking to promote empathy and understanding.
  • Holding Donald Trump responsible for what he does and says.
  • Dispelling common myths that circulate within political spheres.

This is not a site to unfairly disparage Donald Trump or the Republican Party; we simply hope to bring more dignity and accountability to the political discussions we have with our acquaintances.  If Donald Trump or the Republican Party take positive actions, they will be recognized as well.

Finally, this is not an exhaustive list of all articles that are released on these topics. It is simply a collection of what we are reading and our subjective preferences.